About Us

About Us

Hello friends ,

You are warmly welcome to this website of Guru Computer Academy. Through this website, you are given information related to screen printing, graphic designing, video editing and Photoshop.

If you want to start your own screen printing and graphic designing business, then related information is also provided by this website.

Our only aim is how can you make maximum money and you have multiple source of income.

If you do not have a well-paid job in today’s expensive era, then you cannot spend your life well, for this you must have multiple source of income.

My name is Deepak Chauhan. I live in Uttar Pradesh. I have created this website so that people can get all kinds of information for free.

I completed my education in Mumbai city and I have worked as a graphic designer ie Desk Top Publishing in Mumbai for many years and today I am running my own business. In Azamgarh city I run a shop where I do all the work related to screen printing. Here, along with the work of screen printing, I also run a public service center. Whenever I do not have any printing related work, I do work related to online forms, PAN card, ration card and more online, which also gives me a lot of income.

I do not rely on just one task. I have multiple source of income.

With all the experience that I have got, I want to share with you people all the experience of doing screen printing and graphic designing so that you can become a good graphic designer in future.

If you do not know anything about graphic design or screen printing, you can subscribe to my youtube channel and learn these things and start your own business.

Through screen printing, you can do wedding card printing, bag printing, invitation card printing etc.

Screen printing is a business that you can start for just Rs 2500, because you need very little stuff to start this work. I made a video related to this on youtube.

The special thing about this business is that even if you are less educated, you can start this business

If you want to increase your business even more, you can work for flex printing, visiting card printing, poster printing, bill book printing etc.

Wherever you go, you will get to see the art work related to graphic design.

You will see posters, banners and big hoardings everywhere, all these works are done by graphic design.

All the websites you visit on the internet like logo, clipart, advertise, all these designs are also prepared by the graphic designer.

To learn graphic design you need some software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW which you can easily learn through our youtube channel.

I hope you have liked all this information. Must share this post with your friends, who also have to learn graphic designing work.


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